First of all, it is difficult to point out one reason why you should visit Ethiopia. From the cold mountaintops of Semien Mountains to one of the hottest places on earth – the Danakil Depression, from the colorful cultures, history, and landscapes of the south to the historic north, Ethiopia has something to offer for everyone. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Ethiopia for any reason, you should check Ethiopian Tourist Visa requirements and its procedures. If necessary, you should apply for the visa at least a couple of weeks or months before your planned date of entry. Almost certainly, this article may be of help to you in this regard. 

Currently, all foreign citizens, except citizens of Kenya and Djibouti, require a visa to visit Ethiopia. Usually, you may be able to obtain Ethiopian Tourist Visa from the embassies or diplomatic missions in your own home country. But since these services are not available in all countries, you may be required to visit the closest of such missions in another country.

While Ethiopian tourist visa can be obtained on arrival in Ethiopia, you need to check if you are eligible for such services. In this case, it is highly advisable that you find out if you qualify for such services.

call for questions

Generally, you may find such information on the embassies’ websites. But when you can’t, it is a good idea that you write them an email asking your question. You may also call them, but written responses are good for the record.

Fortunately, citizens of the countries listed below can obtain visas on arrival. Certainly, double checking for any change with the aforesaid offices before traveling is always a good idea. 

On Arrival Ethiopian Tourist Visa

As of the date when this post is posted, citizens of the following countries are eligible for on arrival Ethiopian Tourist Visa:

China including passports issued in Hong Kong (SAR China) and Macao (SAR China)

Czech Republic

New Zealand

North Korea
Republic of Korea
Russian Federation

South Africa
United Kingdom
United States of America

e-Visa to Apply For Ethiopian Tourist Visa

Similarly, visitors may obtain Ethiopian tourist visa online through the Ethiopian e-Visa service. The service can be obtained on the website of the Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Here is the website: Also, it is worth mentioning that there are some websites that are fraudulent. Because of this, the right eVisa website mentions some of these potential scammers. Hence, tourists are advised to exercise caution. 

passport and flight ticketOther Consideration

Furthermore, you should check your passport’s expiry date before applying for a visa. Counted from the date of your entry, your passport should have at least 6 months of validity. 

Finally, make sure that you take all the necessary documents such as health insurance with you. Even more, talk to your personal doctor if you need a vaccination of any sort prior to your departure.

Ethiopian Tourist Visa Fees

Ethiopian Tourist Visas fees vary depending on the type of entry and the length of the period.

Fees for Ethiopian Tourist Visas Provided by Missions Abroad

While single entry tourist visa for 30 days and 60 days is 36€ and 60€ respectively, multiple entries visas for the same periods are 70€ and 80€ respectively.

No. Type of Visa Fees
1. Single entry visa for 30 days 40 36.00
2. Single entry visa for 3 Months 60 54.00
3. Multiple entry visa for 3 Months 70 63.00
4. Multiple entry visa for 6 Months 80 72.00

Fees For Ethiopian Tourist Visas Provided On Arrival

Generally, the on arrival tourist visa fees are slightly higher than the visas you obtain from the embassies and consulates abroad.  Accordingly, while the 30 days and 60 days single entry visas fees are 50 USD and 70 USD respectively, the multiple entry visa fees for the same periods are 80 USD and 100 USD respectively. For clarity, please check the table below:

No. Type of Visa


1. Single entry Visa for 30 days 50 USD
2. Single entry Visa for 3 Months 70 USD
3. Multiple entry visa for 3 Months 80 USD
4. Multiple entry visa for 6 Months 100 USD

In conclusion, it is easy to obtain Ethiopian Tourist Visa if you know where to apply for it, and how. Finding the right information, in this regard, is rather easy. But you have to be wary of various fraudulent sites. Even more, it is a good idea to talk to people who have actually been to Ethiopia to get first-hand information. Certainly we, at GotoEthiopia, will also help you in any way we can. Just make sure you reach out.