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Ethiopia - country word cloud illustration.

Located in the horn of Africa, Ethiopia is home to over 100 million people with over 80 different languages. It is known, among other things, for its ancient history with a very rich cultural heritage, diverse natural resources hosted in its remarkable geographical extremes, and for its account of exhibiting a large number of endemic animals and plants.

According to scientists, it is out of this land that you and me,  the human race, originated. It was in Ethiopia, near a small village called Hadar that the famous skeleton of Lucy that lived about 3.2 million years ago was found and stunned the world.
This is why Ethiopia adopted its tourism motto as –‘Ethiopia: Land of Origins’. Hence, visiting Ethiopia is like visiting your ancestral land, and every trip you take there should feel like a trip to the home that you have never been to.

Furthermore, Ethiopia is also known to be the origin of other things. For example, many coffee drinkers might know that the birthplace of coffee is a place called Kafa which is also located in Ethiopia. Today, Ethiopia exports one of the finest coffees in the world, and about half of the coffee it produces is locally consumed by Ethiopians. On the top of that, Ethiopia’s Coffee Ceremony is part of the nation’s pride and adds a lot of value to drinking the coffee.

Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian cup of coffee with rue leaf, and sugar in a handmade clay container!

Ethiopia’s tourism potential is immense for anyone looking for a recreational, educational and adventures types of destinations. The country has 9 UNESCO registered sites, unmatched by any other African country. Geographically, it is the land of extremes, having the Danakil Depression, which is known as the hottest place on our planet, on one extreme, and the snowy tops of the Semien mountains, on the other extreme.

Above all, one can take the historic route and travel to the northern part of Ethiopia and visit the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, or head down south and get amazed by the landscape, the wildlife, and the culturally rich and diverse people of the Southern Ethiopia.

No matter where you head, the people of Ethiopia are known for their hospitality and welcoming of guests. According to Rough Guides, Ethiopia tops the list as the world’s most welcoming nation in the world.

Don’t take their word for it, go see it yourself!

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