Whipping ceremony of Hamar tribe

The Hamar Tribe

Overview The Hamar tribe is one of the tribes that live in the South Omo zone of Ethiopia with around 45,000 inhabitants. The zone as a whole is a fascinating destination for tourism, especially for those who are interested in a different, what many would also call it exotic, cultures and lifestyles. Fuelled by the […]

Lalibela Churches

Lalibela Churches

Carved from top to down from a single stone in 12 Century, the 11 rock-hewn Lalibela Churches will shutter one’s expectation of Ethiopia, and will clearly stretch one’s engineering knowledge to a whole new level. Often dubbed the 8th wonders of the world, Lalibela Churches are located in the northern part of Ethiopia in the […]

coffee roasting in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s Coffee Culture and the Kafa Zone

In the tenth century, in the Kafa zone, located in the south west of the current Ethiopia, a goatherd first discovered coffee after witnessing the stimulating effect it had on his flock. Today, one can see the footprints of Kafa all over the world, from using coffee every day to naming coffee with the name […]

Volcano Ethiopia

The Danakil Depression

Located about 125 metres below the sea level, Danakil depression is located in the northern part of Afar region in Ethiopia. It was formed as the African and the Asian continents moved apart. It is a place where you find one of the only six active lava lakes in the world, with volcanoes bubbling around […]