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Ethiopian Tourist Visa

First of all, it is difficult to point out one reason why you should visit Ethiopia. From the cold mountaintops of Semien Mountains to one of the hottest places on earth – the Danakil Depression, from the colorful cultures, history, and landscapes of the south to the historic north, Ethiopia has something to offer for everyone. Therefore, […]

Whipping ceremony of Hamar tribe

The Hamar Tribe

Overview The Hamar tribe is one of the tribes that live in the South Omo zone of Ethiopia with around 45,000 inhabitants. The zone as a whole is a fascinating destination for tourism, especially for those who are interested in a different, what many would also call it exotic, cultures and lifestyles. Fuelled by the […]

Lalibela Churches

Lalibela Churches

Carved from top to down from a single stone in 12 Century, the 11 rock-hewn Lalibela Churches will shutter one’s expectation of Ethiopia, and will clearly stretch one’s engineering knowledge to a whole new level. Often dubbed the 8th wonders of the world, Lalibela Churches are located in the northern part of Ethiopia in the […]

Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

In and of itself, drinking the final coffee is not enough, an Ethiopian might tell you. The whole process of making coffee and drinking, also called Ethiopian coffee ceremony, has a special place in a traditional Ethiopian family. The tradition of brewing coffee at home is a very old tradition with little or no change […]


Injera: Ethiopian Gluten Free Super Food

Only recently, Injera, a flat spongy bread made of fermented teff flour, has become a global sensation, and it has been praised by celebrities and health food aficionados alike, as a gluten-free and super food with added nutritional values. For generations, Injera has been a staple food in Ethiopia, and it is made of teff (very […]